Chinese Herbal Remedies

Don’t you just hate getting sick? Regardless of how much we all dislike the colds, flu, and other annoying viruses that seem to come each and every winter, we always seem to get them. Even those of us who take precautions with a flu shot or some other form of deterrent, that darn sniffling and coughing always commence on schedule. Well, at least that’s my experience anyway. There must be a way around it all. You know, some hidden path that has not yet been discovered by the masses. A close friend of mine from Taiwan claims that Chinese herbal remedies are often better than American medicines. Who knows; maybe he’s onto something. Are you willing to give Chinese herbal remedies a shot?

What do you currently know about Chinese herbal remedies? Nothing you say? Oh, no problem. In fact, welcome to the club. Although I do not have a great depth and knowledge regarding Chinese herbal remedies, I have had a few experiences with some topical treatments. Ever heard of Dit Da Jow? Well, chances are, unless you’re into Chinese martial arts, you probably haven’t. Dit Da Jow is a liquid herbal remedy used to heal bruises and damaged tissue. I used it rather frequently when I first began training in a Chinese martial art known as Wing Chun. The repetitive damage I received to my forearms during training rituals, called for some serious healing. A martial arts buddy of mine, who had been training for years, recommended Dit Da Jow. Now, I’m not going to lie to you. In my humble opinion, this stuff stinks. However, it did remedy my bruising and promote healing. Therefore, I do believe this stuff works. This along with other Chinese herbal remedies are often recommended in the martial arts circles.

Would you search for ancient Chinese herbal remedies to cure a headache? This is a funny question actually. While watching a Tai Chi seminar a few years back, I spotted a student offering his teacher a message to help remedy a headache his teacher complained of. The old Chinese teacher grinned at him and said, “That sounds nice, but I think I’ll just take some aspirin.” I could tell this shocked the student who had been fascinated by Chinese herbal remedies and massage therapy. He thought they were better for some reason. However, it’s always best to use what truly works for you.

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