Herbs and Pregnancy

Women who are expecting are not encouraged to take herbal supplements. However, there are pregnancy herbs that can benefit the mother without causing harm to the unborn baby. Following is some information on two pregnancy herbs that can be used during gestation safely.

The first is red raspberry herb and this pregnancy herb is absolutely safe to take during pregnancy and when trying to conceive. This pregnancy herb is also safe to use while breastfeeding as well. The raspberry leaves can be used to aid digestion and help elevate some digestive problems. The herb is also useful in treating stomach upset in children.

The red raspberry pregnancy herb is commonly taken in tea but it can also be used as an astringent. The dried raspberry leaves are put into a pint of boiling water. This remarkably simple combination can be used as a gargle to relieve sore throats or it can be used to heal canker sores. The leaves of the red raspberry can be combined with slippery elm bark to be used to clean cuts, scrapes, and burns. The concoction is considered a safe pregnancy herb partially because it is not ingested and also because it is natural and quite simple. The slippery elm should not be ingested, to be safe.

Raspberry leaf tea is a useful pregnancy herb that can benefit the uterus. The leaf is also called a “uterine tonic” that a pregnant woman can drink without worry. The tea can be served warm or chilled with ice and still have the same benefits.

False Unicorn Root, also known as chamaelirium luteum, is used as a pregnancy herb that functions as a tonic and a diuretic. These medical uses are very welcomed to any expectant mother who feels bloated and uncomfortable. The False Unicorn Root is of great value in helping females who have disorders in the reproductive organs.

This pregnancy herb is believed to relieve impotence and it is believed to aid in repairing genitor-urinary weaknesses and irritability. It is also used as a possible remedy for liver and kidney diseases. However, large doses of False Unicorn Root can be poisonous and have adverse effects on the heart.

One would wonder why a potentially poisonous element would be used as a pregnancy herb. The False Unicorn Root has to be taken in extremely large doses to have an adverse effect. It is also said to relieve nausea and vomiting of pregnancy and it is believed to prevent miscarriages.

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